Former MLB manager Joe Maddon is the latest sports personality to get his own podcast.

Maddon will co-host The Book of Joe alongside Tom Verducci, who wrote an upcoming book of the same name with Maddon.

As manager of the 2016 Cubs team who broke a 108-year championship drought, Maddon knows what it takes to navigate October pressure. Part Phil Jackson, part Yogi Berra, Maddon brings unique and entertaining takes on not just dugout strategy, but also life lessons and leadership. A five-time Emmy winner with Fox Sports and MLB Network, Verducci has behind-the-scenes access to the players and managers throughout the postseason.

“We are here to tell you what we think, not what we’ve heard,” shared Maddon. “No regurgitation and original thoughts are valued.”

“Like its namesake book, the podcast will be full of surprises and insight,” said Verducci. “From game strategy to baseball history to leadership lessons – and maybe to some rock n’ roll and classic cars – we’ll cover more ground than a Gold Glove shortstop on the most illuminating and interesting podcast in baseball.”

The podcast premieres on Monday, and will be available twice per week through the World Series.

Running this podcast for just a month during the Postseason seems like a missed opportunity, but maybe it’ll keep going if the reception is positive (or Maddon doesn’t get another job within the game in the coming months).


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