On Friday, the 2022 World Series between the Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies begins, and a new voice will be calling the Fall Classic for the first time in over two decades.

Joe Davis took over as the voice of Fox’s MLB coverage this year following Joe Buck’s departure to ESPN, and he’ll call his first World Series this year.

During his many years at Fox, Buck was a lightning rod for criticism, both reasonable and completely ridiculous. Davis isn’t immune to that same criticism, and Buck gave him some advice on dealing with it: stay the hell away from social media.

In a feature written by Bill Shaikin of the LA Times, Davis said he’s done paying attention to Twitter.

Buck suggested Davis avoid social media in the postseason. Davis has done that one better. He no longer posts on Twitter and says he no longer pays attention to it. For every nine nice mentions, he said, why let the one mean mention sting?

“I just think it’s healthy to be off there and not to be too caught up in that,” Davis said.

“You don’t get into this because you want to be liked, I don’t think. I know that people have strong opinions, and these games are emotional games for fan bases to watch. I get that, a lot of times, the announcers become the target.”

This is absolutely the smart move, and good advice for anyone. Don’t let yourself get wrapped up in social media criticism. It’s a losing battle and you’ll constantly find yourself swimming upstream and second guessing yourself.

I appreciate Davis as a broadcaster, as it seems like many do, and I’m sure he’ll do a fine job this week and next in Houston and Philadelphia.

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