Joe Buck has obviously called plenty of iconic moments in sports across his decades in broadcasting.

On any short list, though, would have to be Game 7 of the 2016 World Series, which saw the Cubs end an impossibly long championship drought in highly dramatic fashion. That may have been almost seven years ago now (god how is that possible) but somehow we’re still finding new angles of that memorable moment and call.

Buck himself offered one this week on Twitter, sharing that a friend had captured the ending from the back of the Fox broadcast booth. As Buck notes, this was technically new footage:

Honestly this is such a cool little glimpse at how broadcasters watch the sport they’re commenting on. Seeing Buck go to the monitor as players begin to celebrate in order to get more detail is the kind of thing that we never really get to see. We rarely get to see broadcasters anyway, and even reaction shots we get (which are usually fun!) often feature a face-on angle.

Seeing the mechanics of a huge moment from this perspective really helps frame everything Buck (and partner John Smoltz) had going on. Credit Buck’s friend Wyatt Kalb and Buck himself for taking the time to share it.

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