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Jason Benetti was hired this week as the new Detroit Tigers television play-by-play man. In his introductory press conference, Benetti connected the way he is overlooked with cerebral palsy to the way Detroit is discounted.

“Part of my life has been I am somebody who does not walk like the average human being,” Benetti told reporters. “I have an eye that drifts, I have cerebral palsy. That is part of me.

“I quite often get reactions that are not completely representative of who I am as a full person. I am physically different, but mentally, I can hold a conversation. So I do think I get, I guess you would say, underestimated sometimes. Not to say that with a chip on my shoulder, but that’s just the way life works. Sometimes people say I can’t do stuff.

“And from a distance … I think that’s how Detroit gets treated. I think quite often, Detroit is not known for its passionate fans or what it’s done for the music industry. I think people reduce Detroit to a couple of statistics. And I don’t like seeing people or a whole city get reduced to anything.”

Benetti refocused his comments on what makes Detroit and its fans great.

“I know people here want to just matter and be seen for what they are, and not just some overgeneralization,” Benetti said.

Explaining why he took the job and left the Chicago White Sox, Benetti explained it was a matter of connection.

“They wanted me. And I wanted them just as much,” Benetti said. “I knew I was surrounded by people who want to be so extraordinarily great.”

Benetti comes to Detroit after seven seasons in Chicago. He also calls MLB games for Peacock and Fox in addition to college sports and the NFL.

The Tigers finished second in the AL Central after losing at least 90 games in four of the six prior seasons.

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