Jason Benetti singing on the Royals broadcast.

Having a broadcaster from the opposing team join your pre-game show isn’t that unusual. Having him serenade you with a One Direction song? That’s a little more unusual. But that’s what happened on the Fox Sports Kansas City pre-game show ahead of the Kansas City Royals’ game with the Chicago White Sox Friday. Hosts Joel Goldberg and Jeff Montgomery brought in White Sox broadcaster Jason Benetti, and Benetti brought his singing voice:

Yes, that’s a take on One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” and it’s a pretty good one. The way Benetti raises his mic at the end is great, too. As per Goldberg, this is a tradition:

This isn’t the first unusual thing we’ve seen from Benetti, including four flights and three games in 26 hours (across CSN Chicago and ESPN) last fall. But it’s a fun one, and he sold it well.

[H/T to Ben Heisler on Twitter]

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