During Thursday’s Dodgers-White Sox game, something bizarre happened in the sixth inning.

With the Dodgers leading 7-5, and pitcher Bennett Sousa ahead of Trea Turner 1-2, White Sox manager Tony La Russa called for an intentional walk to bring Max Muncy up with two men on and two out.

White Sox broadcasters Jason Benetti and Steve Stone were in disbelief about the decision.

Benetti: Wait a second….
Stone: They’re gonna intentionally walk him.
Benetti: On 1-2?
Stone: Yep.
Benetti: Can you explain that to me?
Stone: I would think you don’t want Turner to do any more damage, and you want to take advantage of the lefty/lefty.
Benetti: Typically with two strikes, the league batting average is quite low.
Stone: Oh yeah. It is that.
Benetti: When was the last time you saw someone intentionally walked on 1-2?
Stone: It doesn’t happen often.

That clip is made even better by a fan shouting “there’s two strikes, Tony!” at the end.

The Dodgers broadcast was similarly aghast.


Five pitches after the intentional walk, seemingly made to limit damage, Muncy homered.

I also appreciated this tweet from the Dodgers after Muncy went yard.

It really seems like the intentional walk only happened because of the wild pitch on 0-2 that advanced a runner. If it’s a simple ball in the dirt and the runner moves up, this intentional walk probably doesn’t happen. But with a runner on second instead of first? Get that man on base immediately! Yikes.

The Dodgers ended up winning 11-9. Great job, everyone!

After the game, La Russa seemed confused at the criticism, saying it wasn’t a tough call.

I couldn’t possibly comment.

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