Jaime Jarrín has been the Spanish language voice of the Dodgers since 1959, entering the Hall of Fame in 1998 as the recipient of the Ford C. Fricke award.

That’s the kind of broadcasting run with one team that just doesn’t happen anymore, for a variety of reasons. Today, Jarrín and the Dodgers announced that run will be coming to an end, though thankfully not this fall. Instead, Jarrín will retire at the end of the 2022 season.

Jarrín is 86, and has spent the last few years calling games with his son Jorge. There will obviously be plenty of time to celebrate Jarrín’s career, and as with Vin Scully’s retirement a few years ago, it’s nice that the Dodgers are giving him this kind of yearlong sendoff.

It’s worth taking a moment now, though, to point out just how impossibly impressive his career has been. Jarrín hasn’t only called baseball; he’s worked as the lead Spanish language broadcaster for other legendary events as well, from the ’84 Summer Olympics to the Thrilla in Manilla.

Congratulations to Jarrín for the kind of career that might be impossible to match, and all the best to him as he enjoys his final year or so in the booth.

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