Being Joe Buck isn’t always easy. The often-maligned FOX Sports broadcaster has taken heaps of fan criticism for being homer during his career, for even the most subtle positive comment to an opposing team.

Criticism is part of the job, but Buck has been specifically called out by Indians fans this World Series for expressing elation to calling a game at Wrigley Field “the number one highlight” of his career. Cleveland fans are also quick to point out his “love-affair” with Cubs DH Kyle Schwarber.

Buck told Fox Sports 8 he’s in a no-win situation taking over the job for local broadcasters during the postseason.

“I get blamed for hating every team,” Buck said. “I’m in a no-win. I get it. I’m a huge hockey fan, so when I’m at home in St. Louis and I’m listening to now the national guys call the Blues games, it’s like I want my own people calling it. People in Cleveland want their own people calling it. People in Chicago are used to their own people calling it. I get it.”

While Buck seems to understand the unhappiness of Indians fans towards his calls, that hasn’t stopped them from getting creative in poking fun at him. A fan created a Bed Bath & Beyond wedding registry for Buck and Schwarber. Out of 24 registered items, including dish sets, cutlery and a stainless steel cocktail shaker, only a single $9.99 Sugar Bowl has been purchased. Make of that as you will.

Unfortunately, the campaign is unlikely to yield any serious wedding gifts for Buck or Schwarber – not that they need it.

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