Getaway day games in Major League Baseball usually come to a quick end, since both teams typically just want to get the hell out of the stadium. On Thursday, the Rockies-Phillies game dragged on for three hours and 21 minutes, eventually ending in a 9-3 Phillies win. Both teams were leaving soon after the game – the Rockies were heading to Texas for a series with the Rangers, while the Phillies were traveling to Milwaukee to take on the Brewers.

In the top of the ninth inning of this game, Phillies analyst John Kruk was getting a bit feisty in the booth alongside Tom McCarthy, and (jokingly) threatened to kick reporter Gregg Murphy’s ass.

I love this, especially McCarthy’s reaction (laughing hysterically) and Murphy egging Kruk on. The MLB season is long enough as is, so broadcasters need to have some fun, especially at the end of long games in the middle of the week.

I’m sure ESPN wouldn’t have taken kindly to Kruk saying he wanted to kick someone’s ass if he was still working there, though.

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