The 2018 MLB Postseason officially starts this Tuesday following a pair of NL divisional tiebreaker games on Monday. As usual, we’re here to try to help you legally stream the Postseason and all of its games.

The NL Wild Card game airs on ESPN, and can be streamed online and through the ESPN app with an authenticated login.

The AL Wild Card game, AL Division Series, and AL Championship Series will all air on TBS, and can be streamed online and through the Watch TBS app with an authenticated login. On Turner’s new B/R Live app and website, batting practice for each team will be available before the games.

The NL Division Series, NL Championship Series, and World Series will all air on Fox or FS1, and can be streamed online and through Fox Sports Go with an authenticated login. There will likely be additional feeds for Fox games, though the network hasn’t announced anything yet.

Two NL Division Series games will be aired on MLB Network. They can be streamed online with an authenticated login, and while there is not a specific MLB Network app, users can watch on the MLB At Bat app with an authenticated login.

Some, but not all, of the playoff games can be streamed with an authenticated login on I also expect MLB’s Postseason.TV to be available (usually, for an additional fee not included with an subscription) this fall, which includes various alternative angles for the games, though not the main broadcast feed.

Games are also available on streaming services, depending on which channels are included in each platform. YouTube TV is the presenting sponsor of the World Series, and all of the necessary networks (Fox, FS1, ESPN, TBS, MLB Network) are included in their $40/month package. Sling users will need to pay $40 for both the Orange and Blue packages, and they’ll receive all of the required networks except MLB Network. fuboTV is another option for $40, though it does not include ESPN or MLB Network. Hulu with Live TV runs $40/month, but doesn’t include MLB Network. DirecTV Now features all of the networks needed aside from MLB Network on their $40/month “live a little” package, and MLB Network is on the $55/month “just right” package along with all of the other networks. PlayStation Vue also has all of the networks except MLB Network on their $45/month “access” plan, with MLB Network being included on the $50/month “core” plan.

The best option of all these is probably YouTube TV, which is the cheapest and has all of the required networks.

A bunch of these streaming packages also offer free trials, so it might be worth bouncing around between them to watch much of the Postseason (legally!) for free. While pretty much every way to legally stream the Postseason requires either a cable subscription or a subscription to a paid streaming service, it’s at least possible and relatively easy to stream the games this season, unlike in the dark days prior to widespread streaming.

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