The Grimace Effect is now reaching mainstream sports media. Screengrab: SportsCenter

Grimace may have saved the New York Mets’ season.

Some crazy things have transpired through the first 71 games of the team’s 2024 MLB season, but this might be the most ridiculous one yet. And that’s saying something. But as the Mets held a team meeting after their season reached a new low just a few weeks prior, New York has now won 12 of 16 since, including 10 of its past 12 and six in a row.

The Mets are also undefeated since Grimace threw out the first pitch on his birthday.

They’ve won six straight games and are one back in the standings for the third wild card as of this article’s writing, all because of the power of friendship and the purple McDonald’s character.

And it’s taken sports media by storm. Everywhere you go, you can’t escape him.

There’s just no way around not talking about it; it’s even reached the SportsCenter desk.

Sure, it might be a bit overplayed at this point, but there’s no denying its impact. Since Grimace threw the first pitch on June 12th, the Mets have been on fire, winning six straight games. This unexpected turn of events has become a hilarious meme, uniting sports media around a fun story at a time when negativity often dominates headlines.

This is a unique crossover moment for pop culture, with a meme taking center stage and even major publications like The New York Times and GQ joining the conversation. Social media is buzzing with the “Grimace Effect,” with everyone from die-hard Mets fans to casual observers tuning in for the sheer absurdity of it all.

Let’s be honest, the Mets won’t win forever. But Grimace’s lucky charm act has undoubtedly boosted team morale and brought a breath of fresh air to sports media. In an era where negativity often reigns supreme, the “Grimace Era Mets” is a reminder of the joy and entertainment that sports can bring.

Plus, who can resist a loveable purple blob? Grimace may be unable to speak, but his silent cheer seems to work wonders for the Mets.

And whatever it’s doing, Mets outfielder Brandon Nimmo wants to keep it that way. SNY’s Steve Gelbs asked the veteran Mets player about Grimace following Monday’s 14-2 drubbing of the Texas Rangers.

So, yes, the Grimace Effect has reached the clubhouse.

“I don’t know about coincidences, but he definitely correlates with us going on this run,” Nimmo said. “If that’s what you want to attribute it to, then I’m all for it. Whatever it is, let’s keep it going. You know, I think it’s great. We even said, when we were having the team meetings, ‘We need to have fun. We need to come out here; we need to have fun. We need to be accountable to each other, but first and foremost, we all grew up with this being a kids’ game.’ I think that’s a lot of fun, adding Grimace to it. So, I’m all for it.”

At the end of the day, the Grimace Era Mets story is a perfect example of how compelling narratives can breathe new life into sports coverage. In a media landscape saturated with negativity, lighthearted moments like this remind us why we fell in love with sports in the first place.

And while the Grimace Era may not be based in reality, he’s become a media sensation and a symbol of the Mets’ unexpected turnaround. Mets fans everywhere are hoping the purple power keeps working its magic.

And so do the media companies that have understandably ridden the wave.

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