May 22, 2021; San Francisco, California, USA; San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers names and logos are displayed on a stadium message board before the game at Oracle Park. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Susan Slusser covers the Giants for the San Francisco Chronicle, and late Saturday evening she tweeted a fairly harrowing story that fortunately didn’t have a horrible ending.

Leaving Oracle Park after the Giants lost 6-1 to the Dodgers, Slusser says she was accosted by a drunk man in the parking lot. Slusser wasn’t alone, though, with a group of Los Angeles fans protecting her and escorting her to her car.

It’s tempting to sensationalize this kind of story, but if you talk to women about their daily life experience, these sort of encounters are all too common. Just this weekend we’ve already gotten examples of how difficult it is to be a woman in sports media, specifically, in terms of men feeling comfortable invading their space. Thankfully for Slusser, she not only had people around but they were willing to help and aware of the situation.

Slusser followed up today, noting that the Giants were following up on the incident, and that she wasn’t trying to make any kind of statement about either fanbase.

It’s hard to imagine that story ending better aside from an arrest, or of course it not happening at all. But kudos to people doing the right thing, and thankfully this was the story Slusser is tweeting out and not something worse.

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