Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow Credit: NBC Sports Bay Area

When you gotta go, you gotta go. What you don’t have to do is tell everyone about it.

San Francisco Giants announcer Duane Kuiper doesn’t play by those rules, however. Wednesday, he let viewers know exactly what his bladder situation was and what he intended to do about it.

As the top of the eighth inning came to a close during Wednesday’s game between the Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks, Kuiper got ready to send it to a commercial, the ideal time for viewers to take a bathroom break. Turns out, it was the ideal time for his bathroom break as well.

“We’ll continue this conversation when we get back,” said Kuiper. “D-Backs are coming up…I gotta pee.”

We’re going to go ahead and guess Duane thought the broadcast was already in commercial when he made his declaration and not that he wanted to make sure everyone at home knew what he’d be doing.

Hey, it happens, especially with games broadcast on MLB.TV. Case in point, here was a Braves announcer earlier in the day getting caught asking a question he probably didn’t mean to ask on air.

As for Kuiper, we doubt anyone is going to kick up much of a fuss over his urination explanation. Considering how beloved he and broadcasting partner Mike Krukow are, they’re both free to pee as they see fit, so long as they keep calling games.

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