The Mets are having a solid season, leading the NL East by a sizable margin and looking playoff-bound.

But Monday night, with the Mets leading the Padres in San Diego, the booth of Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez got a bit slaphappy in the best of ways. Hernandez, out of nowhere, said the Mets are “stroking out”, sending Cohen into a fit of laughter and sparking a discussion as to why that’s maybe not the correct use of terminology.

Hernandez’s assumption that Cohen was aghast due to possible innuendo really makes the entire thing. That sent Hernandez into deep laughter.

Cohen: I think you need to watch your language! Because, you know, we’re getting older, and stroking out is something you don’t want to be doing.

Hernandez: What are you saying, I’m a creepy old man?

GC: No no no no, I think you’re missing the point here.

KH: It’s a baseball stroke!

GC: But from a medical standpoint, do you know what stroking out means?

KH: My mind goes places.

GC: You don’t want to say bleeding out, and you don’t want to say stroking out!

This is absolutely perfect for an East Coast audience staying up late for a West Coast game. Cohen and Hernandez are always a welcome presence, and this sort of interaction is a major reason why.

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