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The Tampa Bay Rays are the best team in baseball.

Naturally, WFAN’s Evan Roberts is pretty skeptical about the team’s red-hot start and offered his suspicions without providing any real evidence. Roberts suggested that “sometimes you don’t need evidence,” as the Rays having Major League Baseball’s best record just doesn’t pass the smell test.

That hasn’t sat right with a couple of former ball players like Todd Frazier, A.J. Pierzynski and Erik Kratz, as well as host Scott Braun, who all took Roberts and his co-host, Craig Carton, to task during a recent episode of ‘Foul Territory.’

Frazier: “You can’t just be blurting that out, saying, ‘Hey, listen, the Tampa Bay Rays must be cheating because they’re winning so many games.’ I know it’s frustrating. I know Evan, you say you’re not a Yankees fan. I understand, but you can’t just be blurting that stuff out, man, when there’s no evidence.

Pierzynski: “I know this is big in New York markets and sports radio, just saying random stuff to get people to tune in. That’s an absolutely horrible take. You know what the most horrible thing is? At the beginning when [Evan Roberts] goes, ‘I’m not saying they’re cheating, but.’ Scott Braun, what did I say about but? Anything you say before but doesn’t count…Well, guess what? Gerrit Cole had a 6-0 lead and blew it. So, you’re saying they cheated because they scored six off, Gerrit Cole and came back to win the game?”

Kratz: “It is radio. We have it here in Philly…If you watched the barometer of ‘they stink, they’re the best’…it’s just a rollercoaster. There’s so much content, especially when you’re talking about baseball. There’s so much content to be had. You don’t need to say something like this. You’re such a troll saying this, that you know, you know for a fact that when you had your meeting…and then you just get some clickbait. Like, have some evidence!”

Entering Thursday, the Rays are 29-9 and ironically enough, begin a four-game set with the Yankees in New York. Over the weekend, the Rays took two out of three against the Yankees, which led to Roberts making his bold claim that Tampa Bay was cheating, despite presenting no evidence.

And if you needed a little bit more irony, Roberts’ beloved New York Mets will host the Rays next week. The Mets have a day game against the Cincinnati Reds on Thursday but enter the day having lost 12 of their last 16 games. If the Rays take two out of three from the reeling Mets, will Roberts accuse Tampa Bay of cheating then, too?

If he doubles down on the cheating accusations, you can be sure that the folks on ‘Foul Territory’ will double down on their claim that Roberts is a troll.

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