Don Orsillo chewing old gum.

Announcers and food come up around here from time to time, from Carolina Hurricanes’ analyst Tripp Tracey shoving his face into a cake during a game delay to Boston Red Sox analyst Jerry Remy trying toasted grasshoppers to Philadelphia Phillies’ radio announcer Scott Franzke heading to the TV booth to get some ribs. Well, the latest on this front involves the chewing gum distributed with old baseball cards, which San Diego Padres’ TV broadcasters Don Orsillo and Mark Grant decided to chew on air Sunday during the Padres’ game against the Colorado Rockies. They were doing a special baseball card-themed broadcast, and that led to Grant first reading some of the ingredients in a 29-year-old pack of gum, then putting it into his mouth:

Grant says “Artificial flavors, artificial colors, and thank goodness for the BHT to maintain freshness.” Orsillo says “Put it in your mouth! Yeah! How’s it taste there, chief?” and Grant responds “Totally disgusting.” Orsillo says “The card would taste better” and Grant says “Ugh. It’s, like, disintegrating into powder.” However, this didn’t scare Orsillo off from trying a different stick of the old gum himself a little later, after some persuasion from Grant:

That’s quite the reaction. Oh, and this broadcast also included a great story off the top about how Orsillo once got his own baseball card despite not being a player:

Well, anyone who can chew 29-year-old gum on air probably deserves to be on a card. Orsillo said on Twitter later he won’t be repeating this experience, though:

While the Padres lost this game 8-3 and fell to 55-62, their announcers at least kept things awfully entertaining.

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