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There are many unexpected moments in live broadcasts.

There are touching moments, and there are awkward moments.

Rarely is there a moment that manages to cover all three of those scenarios at once.

It happened Friday during FS1’s pregame show before ALCS Game 5.

Houston Astros utility man extraordinaire Mauricio Dubón appeared as a guest on the show. Beside playing almost every position on the diamond, Dubón has another claim to fame, as he’s only the second Honduran-born MLB player.

Show co-host Derek Jeter turned to Dubón and wanted to know how that happened.

“You’re just the second player from Honduras to play Major League Baseball. What made you fall in love with the sport?” Jeter asked.

Dubón laughed heartily.

“You’re the reason I love this game,” Dubón said, pointing at Jeter.

“Awwwww,” Jeter said, flashing a surprised smile (showing the moment hadn’t been scripted).

Jeter’s co-host, David Ortiz, couldn’t hide his amusement.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” he said.

Dubón continued with his interview-turned-tribute to Jeter.

“You’re the reason,” Dubón said. “A lot of people in Honduras are probably watching this, probably freaking out right now. … As a little kid growing up, I always watched the Red Sox and Yankees … watching you guys battle.

“The 8-year-old kid, me, would be freaking out right now. It’s pretty crazy just being here.”

Dubón kept going.

“I remember having a poster of you when I was growing up,” he said. “Every level, every level I wore No. 2 (Jeter’s number with the New York Yankees) until I got to the big leagues.”

“Bottom line, you owe him,” Ortiz told Dubón.


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