Remember that incredibly awkward side-by-side interview Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez did last week?

Well, if not, here it is:

Although they managed to at least be somewhat civil, the two men have clearly not gotten along, a feud-ridden friendship that dates back to 2001 and has its roots in A-Rod’s general inability to ever say the right thing at any given moment.

That interview was so bad, though, that anyone watching probably wondered why in the world they were doing it in the first place. And, it turns out, Derek Jeter wondered the same thing, according to Dan Le Batard.

Details via The Sporting News:

Jeter and Rodriguez appeared together during a joint CNBC interview with Bob Pisani to discuss their charities on May 2. However, the questioning turned to their personal relationship, and the tension was palpable.

According to ESPN’s Dan Le Batard, Jeter was already incensed because he didn’t know he would be giving a joint interview with Rodriguez.

“I actually learned, factually, that Jeter was beside himself angry at that interview he had to do with Alex Rodriguez, first and foremost, because nobody told him he’d have to be sitting there next to Alex Rodriguez,” Le Batard said on his radio show.

Whoops. Try to imagine what must have run through Jeter’s head as he realized he was about to do an interview with A-Rod. It’s a bit like when you’re about to be assigned a partner for a class project, and you realize you’re going to get paired with your least favorite classmate.

From A-Rod’s perspective, though, it’s probably like getting paired with the coolest kid who you’ve always wanted to be friends with, but with whom you can’t seem to connect.

Someone might get fired over this. And the newsroom at the Players’ Tribune better keep their heads down for a few days.

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