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David Samson has already made it clear how he feels about Philadelphia Phillies fans.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that after the Phillies missed out on their chance to make it to the World Series with their Game 7 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League Championship Series on Tuesday, the former Miami Marlins team president was ready to take a victory lap over his thoughts on those fans.

“The pleasure I took is that the Phillies lost,” Samson said during Wednesday’s episode of The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. “My background in 18 years in the NL East–anytime the Phillies and Mets lose, that’s a good day. …For the Phillies fanbase to think that they’re as good as the Cardinals fanbase, that’s just funny to me.”

Samson went on to compare the experience of the Phillies losing a crucial game in front of their own fans in Philadelphia to what it was like when the Marlins eliminated the Cubs in the NLCS in Chicago in 2003.

“What’s great is that watching the Philly fans boo and leave. I love it,” Samson said. “When we won 20 years ago this year on the road in Wrigley, I was happier watching Cubs fans cry… schadenfreude, it’s one of the great words of all time. It’s taking pleasure at the misfortune of others. Of course, when you win on the road, as you know in sports, it’s way better to win a Game 7 on the road than it is at home. Because when the crowd goes silent, and you saw it  in Philly, you could hear a pin drop.

“All I could keep thinking about was the fans and how they all had plans for the World Series and to go to these World Series games and then poof, it disappeared.”

Samson’s public feud with the Philly faithful started last week when he proclaimed the Phillies fanbase “a bunch of frontrunners who are going crazy and cheering.” As Le Batard Show producer Billy Gil noted, the clip of Samson saying that proceeded to get ratioed, mostly by Philadelphia fans who were falling for the exact trap that the Nothing Personal host had set for them.

While Samson’s initial rant was full of fallacies — of course a fanbase is going to be more excited when its team is in the middle of a postseason run than a losing regular season — he was ultimately the one to get the last laugh. While his motto may be called Nothing Personal, it’s clear there are also some exceptions.

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