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When you win the Super Bowl MVP, you get asked if you’re going to Disney World. But if you win the World Series MVP you get asked a question usually reserved for spring training.

Rangers shortstop Corey Seager was named 2023 World Series MVP after Texas defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks in five games. He also won the 2020 World Series MVP with the Los Angeles Dodgers, making Seager just the fourth player ever to win multiple World Series MVPs, joining Reggie Jackson, Bob Gibson, and Sandy Koufax.

Of the four mentioned above, Seager and Jackson won the award with two different teams, and Seager is the only player to do it in the American League and National League.

And yet, a self-serving reporter decided not to ask Seager about this feat. Instead, Seager was asked why the Dodgers decided to let him go; a question perhaps better suited for Los Angeles’ front office, or you know any other time that isn’t directly after the World Series.

Q: “Corey, I’m just gonna ask you the question I get texted most — and especially this whole series — why did the Dodgers let you go?”


If there was one thing I was taught in Journalism School, it’s that YOU are NOT the story. And somehow, this unnamed reporter tried to formulate the question in such a way while making Seager visibly uncomfortable.

This is the All-Star who hit three home runs in the five-game series, including a two-run game-tying long ball in the ninth inning of Game 1, which the Rangers would go on to win in 11 innings. Seager’s seventh-inning single in Game 5 broke up Arizona pitcher Zac Gallen’s no-hitter and also led to the Rangers’ first run of the game, which was ultimately the difference-maker.

So, perhaps we should be asking him about that…

It’s like asking someone about breaking up with their ex-girlfriend at their wedding.

Seager’s reaction said it all, and who could blame him? He was not touching that question with a 10-foot pole, and there’s genuinely no reason for him to answer it, even if he could muster a response. He just shook his head, as the moderator of the postgame press conference turned it over for additional questions.

Q: You don’t have an anwser?

Well, of course not. An uncomfortable Seager looked around for help and turned to his teammate with a bewildered look on his face. Fortunately, he was saved by the bell, or in this case, an actual question worth answering from The Athletic’s Evan Drellich.

Those on social media seemed to be in universal agreement that this wasn’t the time — or the place — for this particular question. It was inappropriate in the sense that it shouldn’t have been asked and put Seager in an uncomfortable position for a moment that was supposed to be filled with joy, as he reflects on one of the biggest accomplishments of his career.

Let’s do better, please.

Editor’s note: A previous edition of this article stated that Dallas Morning News Rangers beat writer, Evan Grant, was the Evan who asked the ensuing question. 

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