Bally Sports Diamond Sports Group Credit: AP

The Bally Sports conundrum trudged on again on Tuesday with another update on the ongoing situation. Regional sports networks have endured a lot, but the dam seems to be breaking now. Baseball fans have had the displeasure of being unable to watch their teams, some circumstances longer than others. Diamond Sports Group penned an open letter this week to Comcast and disgruntled fans about the current situation.

The open letter was issued in a press release by Diamond Sports Group.

The open letter states that Comcast “recently pulled the plug” on the networks and that the letter was an effort to be both “honest” and “transparent” with customers. They noted that Xfinity proposes putting Bally Sports on a “tier requiring you to pay more to see your favorite teams.”

The group emphasized that its goal was to reach a deal and called on fans to continue expressing their opinions. It added that more information can be found at

This ongoing carriage battle continues to be a lowlight for Major League Baseball. YouTube TV has been without MLB Network or Bally networks for over a year now, and that doesn’t even address the issues that Minnesota Twins fans experience or other notable instances of disruption.

The sad part is that this doesn’t appear to be going away or to be approaching a resolution anytime soon. So it goes.


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