Chip Caray

While there are a few things that are actually new MLB history, many things have happened before in the long history of the major leagues. One of those is definitely “players having a last name that ends in x,” with Greg Maddux, Jimmie Foxx, Sandy Koufax, Steve Sax and many others coming to mind. However, Atlanta Braves’ TV announcer Chip Caray delivered a “first and only major leaguer whose last name ends in X” line Saturday about Cincinnati Reds’ pitcher Ryan Hendrix.

It’s unclear if Caray was trying to make a joke here while aware of the others, or if he really forgot about those other players (including Maddux, who he covered with the Cubs in 2004, and who’s well-known for his long Braves’ career). Either way, it led to a lot of Twitter blowback. Here’s some of that:

Regardless of Caray’s intentions here, it led to a whole lot of criticism.

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