A injury to your starting pitcher is never a good thing especially in a playoff game. That is except when it somehow leads to your relief pitcher hitting an unexpected jack.

An injury to starter Kyle Hendricks forced Chicago Cubs pitcher Travis Wood into the game in a moments notice, something that could  seem like something straight out of a made for TV movie. Only adding to the intrigue, Wood came up to bat for the Cubs. If there was ever a good time to show a recorded interview, it would be with a relief pitcher at the plate.

Unfortunately for MLB Network, that didn’t work out too well. The video below that MLB has provided doesn’t even show the entirety of the home run because they basically missed it entirely while in an interview.

Wood’s solo homer to left-center

Travis Wood launches a solo homer to extend the Cubs’ lead after entering the game in relief. Tune in to MLB Network for more Game 2 action

Wood ended up hitting a solo home run and the final run of the game in a Cubs 5-2 win. The live call is nowhere to be found as an in-game interview was taking place at the time. Don’t you dare snub Travis Wood at the plate ever again!

This isn’t the only odd moment that Wood has been apart of this year as Wood played left field back in July making a great catch backing into the ivy. It is another example of Joe Maddon using his zen ways to get the universe on his side.

If you bring in a pitcher in a crunch, you don’t expect anything more than spot duty. A home run is almost unthinkable. Maybe this October will be kind to the Cubs?


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