The world has been waiting for Vlad Guerrero Jr. to make his major league debut for a while now, and tonight is finally the night. The Toronto crowd was as hyped for the occasion as you’d expect, and even the broadcast crew wasn’t immune, as we found out when Vlad Jr. launched a 3-1 changeup to left in the fourth inning.

Not even close, camera operator!

It wasn’t quite a routine fly; A’s outfielder Chad Pinder had to make a pretty solid grab against the wall to rob Vlad (and all of us) of his first MLB hit.

It’s an easy mistake to make, of course; Vlad Jr. hits bombs, and if he was going to go deep in his first game, that camera operator wasn’t going to miss a single bit of elevation. Fortunately, camera operators will have plenty more to film going forward.

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