One day after some cat-related hashtags took over your Twitter timelines, a fairly adorable cat took the field in St. Louis to delay the Royals-Cardinals game in the bottom of the sixth inning.

This cat wasn’t even hustling all that hard, taking a fairly leisurely stroll out to center field, past an amused Lorenzo Cain.

That’s where a lone security or park employee of some kind caught up to the kitty, and where this video joins up with the action. It starts with the broadcasters accurately predicting the security guy is going to be bitten, which turns out to be some accurate foreshadowing:

Fortunately, his wounds were not life-threatening:

If you’re wondering what the text of that tweet is referring to, it’s because Yadier Molina hit a grand slam on the pitch following the cat delay:

Quite the rally cat, indeed. It also gave us this cutaway wipe:

This is the most likable the Cardinals have been in a long time. They ended up beating the Royals 8-5, and if that cat isn’t the new team mascot for the rest of the season, then someone is missing a Hank-sized opportunity.


It wasn’t a security guy, it was a grounds crew member:

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