Well, this is funny only because it’s not awful, but because it’s not awful, it’s really, really funny.

With the Diamondbacks in Miami to take on the Marlins, Paul Goldschmidt somehow got all the way around on a 95 MPH fastball, yanking it foul on a line between the backstop netting and the third base dugout.

Directly in the ball’s path: Fox Sports Florida reporter Craig Minervini.


That clipboard died a hero, for sure, as that line drive came to eat. Let’s zoom in on the gruesome end of ol’ clippy:

Upon enhancement, it appears that clipboard deserves even more praise, considering where Minervini was holding it. And, really, we can’t blame him at all. Not sure that the “spin away” evasion technique was all that graceful, but he got his protection right where it needed to be.

Well done, Craig. And thankfully you’re okay.

R.I.P. Craig’s clipboard, though.

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