Bobby Valentine on Cameo.

Someone got either the best or the worst possible Cameo from Bobby Valentine recently. Valentine, the 71-year-old current Sacred Heart athletic director/Stamford, CT mayoral candidate and former ESPN MLB analyst/former Red Sox/Mets/Rangers manager/possible inventor of the “wrap sandwich”, is one of the many sports and entertainment celebrities on booking app Cameo (he’s available for just $40!), and he was trying to film a video for the app while out walking his dog. But that went awry; he left the phone video rolling, and it captured him (audio-only, while showing his pants) chatting with a neighbor, dropping some f-bombs, and then seemingly leaving his dog’s poop behind in a neighbor’s yard and talking about “We’re going to have to start bringing a bag.” Here’s that video, via Mike Winters on YouTube:

Winters has a good summary posted to that page of what you’ll find in this video:

Funny video of Bobby Valentine, the former MLB NY Mets Manager and current Candidate for Mayor of Stamford, CT. He attempted to do a Cameo and accidentally left on his phone on for 8 minutes and incriminated himself not picking up his dog’s poop in a neighbor’s yard. Early in video he drops a few F-Bombs and later in video around 6 min mark, he stops walking and pauses, then suddenly to another person he says “Hurry” as he walks away very fast from the scene of the crime. He then says “Why did he do doo doo again? Same place, right in the front yard.” At the end of the video, about 8:10 he says to companion “we’re going to have to start bringing a bag.”

The best part of this is not just Valentine accidentally leaving his phone running, but somehow still uploading the video afterwards.  Maybe he re-recorded the Cameo and uploaded the wrong file? In any case, it makes for an exceptionally funny video. And perhaps his political opponents can use it. Maybe “Don’t Vote For Bobby, He Won’t Clean Up The Mess”?

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