President Barack Obama was in Cuba today, on the heels of the United States newly normalized relationship with Cuba, to watch a spring training game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban National Team. The visit was a big move towards a new relationship between the two countries, as Obama and Raul Castro were both in attendance, as were many members of the media.

The event caused protests in Cuba, with dozens being arrested in the coming days of the event. The protests continued today, and ESPN was caught in the middle of it. Bob Ley was analyzing the events of today, when a political demonstrator walked into his live hit and starting throwing papers around and yelling into the camera. The Miami Herald reports the protestor was shouting “down with the Castros.” Ley quickly threw back to the studio right before you can see the protester getting dragged down by police.

Ley described the incident later on-air, saying the man was quickly detained. He said he was amazed by the response of police.

“What was amazing was the speed of the police response,” Ley said. “There were three marked cars that came literally out of nowhere.”

It’s pretty shocking a protestor got that close to Ley. but at least the situation diffused quickly and without incident. Ley and ESPN acted smart, getting out of the way and cutting the feed. It was a scary moment but thankfully nobody got hurt.

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