Bloomberg's MiLB/MLB tweet mixup.

There’s a big difference between Major League Baseball (MLB) and affiliated Minor League Baseball (MiLB), and the latter officially cancelled its season Tuesday while the former still plans to conduct a 60-game season in home stadiums. But news outlet Bloomberg briefly used “The MLB has cancelled its entire season for the first time in history” in a tweet about a story they did on the MiLB cancellation. They deleted the tweet after about seven minutes, but as you can see above, it lives on as a screencap. And that’s a good excuse for us to pull out a classic Get Smart screencap:

Get Smart.

Look, everyone (including us) makes mistakes on Twitter, and one that only survived for seven minutes isn’t bad, relatively speaking. And it’s easy to see how someone could mistakenly type “MLB” instead of “MiLB.” (Using either “The MLB” or “The MiLB” is annoying in its own right, though, as neither should be referred to as “The.”) But that is quite a funny mistake, and it’s one that got people talking:

[Hat-tip to Kevin McGuire on Twitter]

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