Don't count Bill James among the people who were excited to see Pirates pitcher Paul Skenes make his MLB debut. Photo Credit: Bill James on Twitter/X. Photo Credit: Bill James on Twitter/X.

Don’t count longtime baseball writer and statistician Bill James among the people who were excited to see Paul Skenes make his MLB debut.

Skenes, who the Pittsburgh Pirates selected first overall in the 2023 MLB Draft, debuted on Saturday against the Chicago Cubs. The Pirates led 6-1 when Skenes was pulled in the fifth inning, though two of his runners would end up scoring. He went four-plus innings, allowed three earned runs on six hits and two walks with seven strikeouts.

It was a heavily anticipated debut and while Skenes wasn’t perfect, he showed why fans are so excited to see him pitch. Only, James couldn’t be bothered to care, something he made clear on Twitter/X on Saturday evening.

“Let me know if Skenes turns out to be anything special,” James tweeted. “I don’t have enough brain cells left to worry about prospects who are supposed to be really good.”

On its own, James not being enthused about Skenes — or wanting to take a wait-and-see approach with him — isn’t at all problematic. But the wet blanket attitude on social media earned James a good deal of criticism.

[Bill James on Twitter/X]

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