The latest craze sweeping America’s pastime?

Grilled grasshoppers.

Crazy ballpark food is all the rage as teams and stadiums try to get more and more creative in the hopes that you’ll fork over an extra $20 to try some outrageous combination that you’ve never seen before in your life or imagined ever eating at the ballpark. Maybe the craziest of all is the toasted grasshoppers at Seattle’s Safeco Field. While it sounds disgusting, apparently the stadium SOLD OUT of them for their grand debut.

So now we get to look forward to one of the great memes of the 2017 baseball season – visiting broadcasters eating the grasshoppers live on the air. Here’s the Houston Astros trying the *clears throat* delicacy. (I think the facial expression above says it all.)

Reporter Julia Morales had this to say about the entire experience.

Grilled grasshoppers aren’t exactly peanuts and crackerjacks but it is kinda fun to imagine what old-timey baseball people would have thought about some of the developments in ballpark cuisine. Now all I can think of is Grantland Rice munching on grasshoppers while he was writing his eloquent prose.