It’s been a tough week for MLB announcers saying incorrect things during baseball games.

First, John Sterling called a deep fly ball by Giancarlo Stanton as if it were a home run…until it wasn’t. Then, Matt Vasgesian called a foul ball that ended up actually being a home run.

Houston Astros TV analyst Geoff Blum didn’t say anything incorrect on Saturday. However, he did say something that he most likely didn’t think was going to be picked up on a live mic.

“Yeah, you better believe we’re going to Crawford Bock the shit out of this thing,” said Blum, referring to the Astros-themed beer that takes its name from the Crawford Boxes in the outfield at Minute Maid Park.

In the annals of things a major league baseball announcer has been caught saying on a hot mic, this funny gaffe ranks relatively close to the bottom when it comes to something we need to get worked up about.

Still, Blum did issue the requisite apology for the spicy language about his favorite beverage.

To be fair, it’s not like Blum is just saying that as a company man. There is literal proof that he loves an ice-cold Crawford Bock just about as much as anyone on the planet.

And the general consensus on the hot mic incident is that Blum is correct.

Expect to see Blum’s phrase on a t-shirt around Houston very soon.

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