NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 02: Alex Rodriguez #13, and Derek Jeter #2 of the New York Yankees celebrate their 4-3 win against the Boston Red Sox on October 2, 2012 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

We last saw Alex Rodriguez when he did a Yankees game in the national booth for FOX, and his notebook was filled with random scribbling about birth control.

Now, Page Six is reporting that Rodriguez is going to work for ABC. That might seem an odd fit, as ABC doesn’t have national baseball rights, aside from their parental relationship with ESPN, but it turns out that’s inconsequential, as A-Rod will actually be working for ABC News.

Former Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez has sealed a deal with ABC News, which will see him appearing in segments across the news division including for “Good Morning America” and even “World News Tonight.”

A network insider said A-Rod, 41, had been in talks with ABC News brass about appearing as an on-air contributor for sports, family and even financial segments for shows across the network, also including “Nightline.”

Might that mean appearances on ESPN? Not likely, thanks to his deal with FOX, which reportedly remains in place:

Another source close to the star — who is already a full-time MLB analyst for Fox Sports — said, “Alex is interested in doing lifestyle, family-oriented programing, such as a piece on how much your kids should be working out, or business and personal-finance reports, like how to overhaul your bills.” (That might not be a home run with viewers, considering Rodriguez was paid $317 million during his time with the Yankees.)

His MLB commentary would remain exclusive to Fox Sports, meaning he likely couldn’t appear on ESPN, but the insider said, “If there’s a big World Series story to discuss, you could see ­A-Rod on ‘GMA’ talking about the game.”

Rodriguez will also reportedly appear on ABC’s Shark Tank this fall as well as a guest shark. Pro tip if you’re looking to get a deal from him: be a company that’s trying to help millionaire athletes appear more human.

(Bad) jokes aside, Rodriguez seems like he’d be a solid fit in a role like this; he’s always been telegenic, and his stiffness comes across better in more formal settings, like a sit-down interview. It’s interesting that he’s going to split his network time, and that his FOX contract would allow such a thing, but then FOX baseball coverage isn’t a year-round venture, so it makes sense that their people would be able to do different things during their time off.

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