Alex Bregman and his son in a postgame interview after the Astros win over the Orioles. Photo Credit: Brian McTaggart on X

Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman stole the show with an excellent performance in Sunday’s matchup against the Baltimore Orioles. But after the game, he was upstaged by his son in his postgame interview hilariously and adorably.

Bregman reached base in all five of his plate appearances on Sunday, which included two doubles, two singles, and a walk-in what was as close to a perfect game of baseball as you’ll find all year long.

The added cherry on top for Bregman was that the Astros came away with an 8-1 victory, which was much needed considering the surprisingly sits below .500 on the year thus far.

After the game, Bregman took questions from reporters. But his 23-month-old son, Knox, was in no mood to hear his dad talk about his great day. Instead, Knox pleaded with him to take him to the batting cage and dugout, something he’d seemingly been asking about all weekend.

“Dada, Dada, batting cage,” said Knox. “Cage, dugout.”

“He’s been begging all weekend,” said Alex Bregman in a video shared by Astros beat reporter Brian McTaggart on X. “He wants to go to the (batting) cage and the dugout. So we’re gonna take him to the cage and the dugout.”

It certainly helped matters that Bregman had an excellent game. Not to say that he wouldn’t have taken Knox to the batting cage and dugout anyway. But you have to imagine that Bregman was certainly more willing to fulfill all of Knox’s postgame requests after an excellent day at the plate.

Who knows, if Knox spends enough time in the batting cage with his dad for years to come, we could have another MLB star on our hands in the Bregman family in the very distant future.

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