Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge smacked two home runs on Monday, helping to lead the New York Yankees to a 7-4 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays.

But one of the home runs has generated some controversy, or at least chatter.

Judge’s home run in the eighth inning drew the expected excited call from Michael Kay, announcing the game for the Yankees on the YES Network.

During that at-bat, Dan Shulman and Buck Martinez, calling the game for Sportsnet, had a different observation. They noted that Judge was looking in an unusual direction.

“You don’t wanna go throwing allegations around without knowing, but…”

Martinez, himself a former catcher, noted that based on where his eyes were going, Judge could not have been glancing back at the catcher, trying to steal the sign.

Then, right before Toronto pitcher, Jay Jackson delivered his 3-2 pitch to Judge, Shulman said that Judge “just did it again.”

That was ultimately the pitch that he hit out.

Martinez said “Once again, he’s looking at something, then the next move is that powerful swing, and he blasts one to center field. I’ve not seen that before with him. I’ve not ever seen that.”

Shulman then asked if maybe Judge was trying to see the location of catcher Alejandro Kirk, noting that if Kirk was away, a breaking ball was more likely.

Blue Jays podcaster Andrew Stoeten noticed the same thing.

The recent sign stealing scandals, notably from the Houston Astros, have certainly raised everyone’s awareness. It’s worth noting that those scandals generally involved players in their home games, while the Yankees were in Toronto on Monday.

It could also be something as simple as a New York coach noticing something Jackson was doing to tip his pitches. In that case, there would be no wrongdoing.

But it will be interesting to see how Judge reacts to this as well as what the Toronto announcers have to say as the series progresses.

[Jomboy Media; Photo Credit: Sportsnet]

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