Aaron Judge lept above the wall to rob this HR.

We’ve seen plenty of remarkable home runs from New York Yankees’ right fielder Aaron Judge this season, but on Saturday, Judge made headlines for taking a home run away. With the score knotted at zero in the top of the third of Game Seven of the ALCS, Houston Astros’ first baseman Yuri Gurriel cranked a shot to right field, and Judge came racing back to leap, rise above the fence and grab the ball before crashing into the wall. Fox analyst John Smoltz called it “one of the greatest catches you’re going to see in Game Seven”:

“I’m going to say it right now, this is one of the greatest catches you’re going to see in Game Seven, and there have been a few of them,” Smoltz said. “But that, on the run…”

Smoltz continued his praise later as Fox showed the replay.

“He had to react and get back so fast, and hit the wall. Wow, I’m telling you, there’s been some great catches in Game Sevens, but that’s the best I’ve seen.”

That was definitely an incredible play by Judge, especially considering how quickly he reacted, raced back and managed to get above the wall to make the play. He also did well to hang onto the ball as he hit the wall, and as he fell to the ground afterwards. Judge has been known mostly for his mammoth home runs, but this takeaway might have been the best moment of his postseason so far. And if this turns out to be a pivotal moment for the Yankees, it could be long remembered. It’s hard to disagree with Smoltz’s assessment of it as one of the best catches in a Game Seven, and it could be a very important one.

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