Of all the places for a foul ball to go in a baseball stadium, the odds are microscopically slim that it would land squarely in the lap of the person broadcasting the game. Of course, given the millions and millions of pitches that are thrown across the country, it’s bound to happen occasionally, and we’ve seen a few times that it has happened over the years.

But dare I say that the following clip is the Babe Ruth calling his shot of announcers catching foul balls. It’s that good.

Watch and listen as Somerset Patriots play-by-play man Marc Schwartz catches this foul ball and doesn’t miss a single beat calling the action.

A perfect catch! And not only does he paint an accurate picture for the listeners at home, but he also has the presence of mind to play to the crowd live at the stadium. His deadpan “boy am I impressive, what a play by me” is just phenomenal. And his reaction on social media to his newfound fame by making it onto ESPN is just as good.

That performance surely has to be worth a big league call-up, if not to the broadcast booth, then perhaps as an outfielder once the rosters expand come September.

[ESPN, Mike Ashmore]

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