After two games, the 2019 World Series already looked historically bad, producing the ninth- and sixth-least watched games in World Series history (based off records dating back to 1972). Well, the next three games didn’t exactly improve matters. The ratings so far suggest that Games¬†4 and 5 each fall into that list of the top 10 least-watched World Series games ever, and that Game 3 didn’t miss by much. Here’s how the all-time list looks after the first five games of this series:

The 10 least-watched World Series games (through Game 5 of the 2019 World Series).


And Friday’s Game 3 (12.21 million viewers) didn’t miss this list by much, and it was the lowest-rated Game 3 since 2012. So this all has been going not so great for Fox so far, despite all their comments about winning the night (against other broadcast networks that happen to be showing things other than championship sports series). We’ll see if that changes with Game 6 Tuesday.

The viewership here has been updated with the final numbers for Games 4 and 5, via Sports Media Watch.

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