Pablo Torre Finds Out Photo Credit: Pablo Torre Finds Out

Pablo Torre made headlines on Wednesday after the former ESPN personality announced a new podcast venture. Now a member of Meadowlark Media, Torre announced the new series titled, “Pablo Torre Finds Out” to fanfare online.

“@PabloTorre is finally free to f*** around,” the podcast’s account posted. They continued: “Follow us down the rabbit hole with a new show starting September 5,” before calling on viewers, potential or otherwise, to subscribe to Torre’s free newsletter.

Torre made fun of himself for a potential title for the series called, “Here’s The Thing.” But Torre noticed that actor Alec Baldwin had a show titled the same thing. To no avail, Torre’s attempts to reach Alec or even Daniel Baldwin came up empty. That includes even after paying for a Cameo from Daniel, who had choice words for Torre and everyone at Meadowlark Media.

So, Torre explains, that’s where “Find Out” came from. It makes sense in that regard and is a cheeky and unique way of referencing a phrase burgeoning in popularity lately.

“Pablo Torre Finds Out is the new, legal name of my video podcast launching September 5th,” Torre said. “And it is all about f***ing around. But also finding out. Exploring sports rabbit holes and journalistic curiosities with my friends and occasional enemies.”

The show will certainly have a lot of hype behind it, so we’ll see if this venture works out for Torre.

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