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Sports media news has come on strong in 2024. We’re obviously biased here, but there’s certainly been an onslaught of news—from this week’s upfronts, to the ongoing tussle over NBA media rights, to where Jason Kelce would go following his Hall of Fame NFL career, to many others. It seems like it’s nonstop at times. Dan Le Batard has taken note of that, and the popular radio host is feeling the fatigue.

On Friday, Le Batard spoke on his popular show, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, about sports media and recent developments. The Miami native, obviously no stranger to the world of sports media, said he’s tired of talking about it.

“I totally get it. I am tired of me talking about it too,” Le Batard said on the show. “Not just talking about it, but living it over the last few years has been quite the illuminating experience because our business is changing.”

The changes Le Batard and his show underwent were referenced, as did the unknown future that the pandemic brought on to everything in a “changing” landscape. He cited the Kelce “media empire” and the emergence of Pat McAfee and Shannon Sharpe, and how Stephen A. Smith invited both of them on it.

“Everyone sees the game, right? McAfee is renting,” Le Batard says. “They don’t own McAfee. McAfee plays there and gives what he wants to them because he passed Stephen A., let’s not say voice or face of the franchise, but did in money, and now Stephen A.’s coming up for a contract. And he just buried Skip Bayless. Ended his career.”

Le Batard talked with Stugotz about how you should always watch how the veterans handle their business to see how things will go. Le Batard said that Travis Kelce talked about “how” to do “all this” in media, and then Le Batard said it took him “ten minutes” to complete what he needed to do.

Dan and his colleagues went on for nearly ten minutes on the deal in an insightful conversation. It’s been a constantly changing landscape, but if you’re tired of talking about it? The good news is you’re not alone.

[The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz]

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