Shelby Cassesse Photo Credit: Shelby Cassesse Screenshot

Shelby Cassesse, a freelance sports reporter and anchor with NBC affiliate WPXI 11 in Pittsburgh, had a busy day Tuesday, covering the Pittsburgh Steelers OTAs, doing an interview, live shot and more.

After all that, she made an embarrassing discovery — her shirt had been inside out, the entire day.

Admit it, we’ve all accidentally put on a shirt, or even pants, inside out, and realized it later. Most people react the way Cassesse did, with discovery turning to disbelief, followed by reluctant acceptance.

Cassesse went through all those stages on camera. Thankfully it wasn’t a live shot.

“I have this shirt on inside out — all day,” Cassesse said.

“You have time if you want to go (change),” a cameraman noted, playing it straight.

“I mean, you can’t really tell …” Cassesse responded, trying to make herself feel better by rationalizing the mistake.

Kudos to Cassesse for sharing her gaffe. It makes everyone else who’s ever done that feel a little better.

[Shelby Cassesse on X]

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