Back in 2004, there was a massive outcry after it was announced that Major League Baseball would place a “Spider-Man 2” logo on bases during a number of games. The promotion was scrapped almost as quickly as it was announced as traditional baseball fans cried out in protest of such an invasion of baseball’s purity.

Fast-forward to 2022 and we’re just throwing ads up in the literal strike zone. At least, that’s what happened momentarily during Saturday’s Bally Sports North’s broadcast of the game between the Minnesota Twins and Tampa Bay Rays.

Yes, that’s a Treasure Island Resort & Casino poker chip graphic seemingly acting as a sponsored strike zone. It’s essentially everything that traditional baseball fans have feared would happen.

We suppose that it’s one way to consider solving the epidemic of bad umpire calls we’ve witnessed recently. You can’t complain about a bad call that is impossible to see!

Now, this is where we point out that it was almost certainly a glitch, or at least, we’re really hoping it was. We can assume this because the poker chip appeared again later in the broadcast, and this time it had a mind of its own, following the action across the camera and even trailing players as they moved.


No word yet from Bally Sports North about what happened. Also, it remains unclear what the “correct” use of the Treasure Island poker chip graphic would be. Was it supposed to show up on the pitching mound like that Target logo? Was it supposed to only show up in a specific replay segment sponsored by Treasure Island? We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, we can all enjoy the shock the horror that the graphic caused as it initially spread through baseball Twitter.


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