The Cubs are in the home stretch of a pretty disappointing season. Untimely injuries, a shaky bullpen, and inconsistent play all around have led to a mediocre season, with a very real possibility of missing out on the playoffs altogether.

That makes the news that the Cubs are being bumped next week in favor of the Bachelor in Paradise finale all too fitting. Tuesday night’s game against the Reds is set to start at the same time as the finale, and with the game originally scheduled to air on ABC 7 in Chicago, something was obviously going to have to change.

In a very 2019 Cubs occurrence, it will be the game’s network.

Via Phil Rosenthal at the Chicago Tribune:

The Cubs-Reds game originally scheduled for 7:05 p.m. Tuesday on ABC-7 is getting bumped to the newly rebranded CW-26, a move bound to confuse even some diligent viewers who try to stay abreast of which TV outlet is carrying the Cubs on a given day.

A check of the Cubs website’s list of which channel is carrying a given game — such as NBC Sports Chicago, NBC Sports Chicago Plus, WGN-9, FOX-32 or ESPN — still listed ABC-7 for Tuesday’s Reds game as of midday Thursday.

But an ABC-7 spokeswoman confirmed the switch and said the station would do all it can to ensure Cubs fans know how to find the telecast displaced by the popular reality program.

“ABC-7 will inform our viewers of the schedule changes with extensive on-air, online and social media promotion,” the station said in a statement.

It’s this kind of splintered broadcast setup (the Cubs air games across multiple networks currently, including NBC Sports Chicago) that led the team to develop the upcoming Marquee Sports Network, which will be the home of every non-national broadcast starting next season.
Fortunately for plenty of Chicagoans, they won’t be deprived of Bachelor in Paradise, which, if things hold true to form, stands to deliver much more exciting drama than this particular Cubs team.

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