NBC WDSU Spanish.

A strange broadcast issue Sunday saw some NBC affiliates (including WDSU in New Orleans) airing the Spanish audio feed of the Sunday Night Football Seahawks-Steelers game to some viewers. John Ourand of Sports Business Journal tweeted one clip of this:

But there were many more, and it appears they weren’t all from New Orleans. (And speaking as someone from New Orleans, my WDSU feed on YouTube TV aired the “Programming Note” shown above, but its audio was in English, so this may have been only for particular subscribers or particular providers. And I am not Ourand’s source.) Here are some of the many people who complained about this on Twitter:

It’s unclear how many people this impacted, and how many affiliates it was on (WDSU is the only particular one we have confirmation of). One person who responded to Ourand said this has happened before with NBC broadcasts, though.

This does not appear particularly connected to the ransomware attacks on Sinclair local affiliates that messed up CBS and Fox NFL broadcasts on many stations earlier Sunday, as WDSU is Hearst-owned. But it does add to an unusual day of local broadcast issues for the NFL.

[John Ourand on Twitter]

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