Mike Francesa

We’re counting down the days to Mike Francesa’s final show. And as his shows on New York’s WFAN dwindle to the single digits, there is plenty of speculation on where he’ll head next. But one place he won’t go is Barstool Sports. A caller asked the Sports Pope if he would head to Barstool and he said no.

But while saying no, Francesa was very positive about Barstool.

Caller: Any chance you want to join Barstool Radio, I’d think you make a great fit!
Francesa: Ah, I don’t … You see… I think … I like the Barstool guys. They’ve created a lot of … ah, you know .. uh .. t-shirts about me which all have been well done. They created another one this past week, but …

Caller: Their Sirius channel now …
Francesa: So I don’t … You know what? I think that my day of being part of that group is past … I think that it’s for somebody else. I think that first of all, I don’t think that they need me. They have their own group. Um .. they have their own traveling troupe. They know what they’re doing and again, I just think that my day doing something like that with that kind of ensemble is gone. I think those guys have a good job. They’re characters. I get a kick out of them. 

And again, listen, they not for ten year olds, ok? They can be a little edgy so you gotta be … you get gotta already … understand the world … you gotta be 17-18 years old before you’re gonna be involved with them. So you can’t be 10 or 12 to listen to them.

Francesa added that Barstool has always been a supporter of his show, so he’s a supporter of them. It would have been interesting to hear the Sports Pope on Barstool, but Francesa has ruled it out.


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