Alex Verdugo cursing on NESN

Alex Verdugo was hyped after delivering a game-winning hit for the Boston Red Sox Tuesday night. So hyped that he couldn’t stop dropping f-bombs during a live interview on NESN.

With two outs in the bottom of the 10th and runners on second and third, Verdugo popped a fly ball to right field that appeared to be going foul. But the ball managed to barely stay fair, just short of Pesky’s Pole. The Red Sox runners rounded the bases for the win, but had to hold on celebrating while the hit was under official review.

After the game, NESN’s Red Sox reporter Jahmai Webster interviewed Verdugo on the field, and asked the Red Sox outfielder what was going through his mind as he waited for the fair call to be confirmed.

“Please be f*cking fair,” Verdugo quickly answered before he covered his mouth after remembering he was on live TV. “Oh, my bad. But please be fair, man.

“I was like. I just didn’t want to pull one, and, f*cking,” whoops, there’s another one. “God dang,” Verdugo added after realizing he caught his gaffe too late again.

“We’re live, Alex,” Webster reminded Verdugo with an awkward chuckle, prompting the game’s hero to offer a couple apologizes.

Extra inning heroes deserve a little leeway, two f-bombs might be pushing it though. Profanity aside, fans probably love getting to see Verdugo share his raw emotions. Usually, players are just monotonously going through the motions during pre- or post-game interviews. Verdugo sharing his passion and excitement with the fans was entertaining.

[NESN, via Jomboy Media]

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