KDFW newscast Rangers World Series celebration Photo Credit: KDFW Fox 4

The Texas Rangers won their first World Series championship Wednesday night, which dominated the news in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Local TV media were well-represented in Phoenix for Game 5 as the Rangers clinched the series with a 5-0 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks. It would have been a terrible time for a broadcast to have a technical glitch.

Unfortunately, that happened to KDFW Fox 4, which ended up with several seconds of dead air at the worst possible moment.

The station had sports anchor Mike Doocy hosting a report, with reporter Samantha Gannon at Chase Field. The report showed video of the Rangers wildly celebrating in the locker room.

“The Rangers take the series over Arizona in five games,” Doocy said. “Let’s head down to the diamond here at Chase Field. Our Sam Gannon has been talking to some of the guys.

“Sam, what do you have?”

Several seconds of dead air ensued, as Gannon appeared to not hear the question from Doocy. She then asked someone off-camera an unrelated question.

The producer cut back to Doocy in the studio, who sat in silence for several very uncomfortable seconds before finally saying, “We’ll get back to Sam here in just a moment.”

It was a classic case of Murphy’s Law, for something like that to happen during the biggest moment in Texas Rangers history.

While Gannon joined Fox 4 in 2019, the award-winning Doocy has held down the weeknight anchor role since 1994. How long is that? According to his Fox 4 bio, “He’s been around long enough to have covered a Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl win!”

[Photo Credit: KDFW]

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