Effrage Davis is a meteorologist and weather reporter at WQAD News 8 in Quad Cities but her heart is still in College Station. As a recent graduate of Texas A&M, she remains an ardent supporter of the Aggies no matter what, which includes when she’s live on-air.

As Texas A&M drove down the field in the final minute tied with No. 1 Alabama on Saturday night, Davis had to pry herself away from the game to do her weather report. She was clearly excited, just not to talk about what the chances for rain might be in Davenport on Sunday.

“We’re tied right now. It’s 38-38,” said Davis on-air. “We have the ball. It’s like a minute-26 left. We just need to eat the time, get in field goal range, kick a field goal, and then we will win. It’ll be the first time we beat Alabama since Johnny Manziel.”

“I tried to let her know we do need to hear about the weather, though,” said anchor David Brooks jokingly.

“Yes…can they wait til after the game?” replied Davis.

The best part? When Davis starts doing her weather report and sees off-screen where the TV showing Texas A&M kicker Seth Small make a 28-yard field goal as time expired to give the Aggies the win. She cannot and doesn’t even bother trying to contain her excitement.

Texas A&M appreciated the support.

Congrats to all the expected fall foliage headed your way, Quad Cities.

[Effrage Davis]

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