NBC Sports Chicago.

The current Major League Baseball lockout of players is a complicated situation, without an easy villain to blame. But that did not stop NBC Sports Chicago from tweeting a story with no particular byline Thursday (a screengrab is seen above) that set all the fault on the players. They later deleted the initial tweet and article of “Reports: MLB Proposes Return to Work, MLBPA Balks” (as seen above, and despite its initial deletion, it still lives on in other venues, including the preceding NBC Chicago link). But that deletion only came after a lot of criticism, including from ESPN’s Jeff Passan:

Here’s some of the other criticism there:

The actual article here had nothing notable, just a few tweets on how far apart MLB remains from the MLBPA. But the headline certainly drew a lot of attention. And it led to a widespread roasting of NBC Sports Chicago for a very obvious decision to position themselves with  MLB owners.

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