NBC Sports California desk collapse

First the newly-named NBC Sports California hired Jose Canseco, then they had a desk smashed on-air. That might lead you to a conclusion, but it would be wrong; Canseco was an innocent onlooker here (unless his fist-bumps are forceful enough to shatter desks several feet away), as anchor Brodie Brazil went to fist-bump him on the A’s post-game show and the desk just suddenly collapsed behind Brazil, with Canseco and Shooty Babitt watching:

Babitt’s “Are you on steroids? What is going on with you? You animal!” is an amazing spur-of-the-moment line given the cast here. Brazil goes on to say “There are computer parts everywhere,” so hopefully this didn’t cause too much damage. It certainly made for entertaining TV, at the least, though, and it was only the second-most-damaging incident at the Coliseum Monday. But here’s hoping Canseco and Babitt’s next post-game show appearance doesn’t involve any more collapsing desks.

[Brodie Brazil on Twitter]

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